Complete Discography

The following is a list of all the songs written by Joe Melson throughout the years (co-writers in parentheses).

  1. Actress (Roy Orbison)
  2. After All (Roy Orbison)
  3. And The Rain Comes Down (Susie Melson)
  4. Another Lonely Girl (Roy Orbison)
  5. Any Little Thing (Can Start the Flame of Love) (Dan Folger)
  6. Any Ole Time (Dan Folger)
  7. Baby Don’t Stop (Roy Orbison)
  8. Bad Cat (Roy Orbison)
  9. Bara En Fraga (Roy Orbison)
  10. Barbara (Roy Orbison)
  11. Because (Roy Orbison, Larry Parks)
  12. Beginning of the Ending of Me (Ernie Ashworth)
  13. Blue Angel (Roy Orbison)
  14. Blue Avenue (Roy Orbison)
  15. Blue Bayou (Roy Orbison)
  16. Blue Heartaches (Bob Montgomery)
  17. Blue Rain (Roy Orbison)
  18. Bring Love Back Into Our World (Susie Melson)
  19. Can’t Forget (Roy Orbison)
  20. Changes (Roy Orbison)
  21. Close Again (Roy Orbison)
  22. Come Back To Me My Love (Roy Orbison)
  23. Crowd (Roy Orbison)
  24. Cry Baby (Roy Orbison)
  25. Cry Softly Lonely One (Don Gant)
  26. Crying (Roy Orbison)
  27. Crying My Heart Out (Dean Mathis)
  28. Daddy Number Two (Glenn Barber, Jr.)
  29. Dance (Roy Orbison)
  30. Danger (Glenn Barber)
  31. Day Dream of You (Roy Orbison)
  32. Dial a Heartbreak (Susie Melson)
  33. Don’t Go (Roy Orbison)
  34. Don’t Ya Even Try (Don Gant)
  35. Donnie (Roy Orbison)
  36. Dream River (Michael Heck)
  37. Du Fuehlst Dich So Allein (Gustav Auerbach, Don Gant)
  38. E Pericoloso L’Amour (Dan Folger)
  39. Enkelin Sain (Roy Orbison, Veikko Salmi)
  40. Ever Changing Mind (Susie Melson)
  41. Faith in Me (Damien Leith)
  42. Fancy Dan (Roy Orbison)
  43. Fiddle Number 4 (Roy Orbison)
  44. Fields of Gold ( Damien Leith)
  45. Flame of Love (Dan Folger)
  46. Forever (Roy Orbison)
  47. Forever Blue (Michael Heck)
  48. Forgive Me (Roy Orbison)
  49. Freedom Isn’t Free (Ernie Ashworth, Susie Melson)
  50. Girl Back on Blue Bayou ( Damien Leith)
  51. Girl In The Night (Dan Folger)
  52. Girl That Got Away (Roy Orbison)
  53. Give Me Something To Remember You (Roy Orbison)
  54. Go On (Roy Orbison)
  55. God Love You (Roy Orbison)
  56. Gypsy (Roy Orbison)
  57. Hallelujah (Roy Orbison)
  58. Harlem Woman (Roy Orbison)
  59. Heartbreak I’m Running Back (Dan Folger)
  60. Help Me (Roy Orbison)
  61. Hermosa Laura (Roy Orbison)
  62. Hey (Roy Orbison)
  63. Highlands (Michael Heck)
  64. His Girl (Dan Folger)
  65. Honky Tonkin Around (Roy Orbison)
  66. Hooked On A Memphis Memory
  67. How Are Things In Paradise (Roy Orbison)
  68. Hung Up On You (Roy Orbison)
  69. Hva Har Jeg Na (Don Gant)
  70. I Can Read Between The Lines (Roy Orbison)
  71. I Can Stop You Crying  (Damien Leith)
  72. I’d Like to Put You in a Song and Sing You to the World (A.L. Owens)
  73. I Get So Sentimental (Roy Orbison)
  74. I Guess I’m Lonely (Roy Orbison)
  75. I Know Why The Lonely Cry (Roy Orbison)
  76. I’ll Have Peace of Mind (Roy Orbison)
  77. I’m Hurtin (Roy Orbison)
  78. I’m In A Blue Blue Mood (Roy Orbison)
  79. I’m Learning Child (Susie Melson)
  80. I’m Lookin For A Woman Lookin Like That (Glenn Barber)
  81. I’m Lost (Roy Orbison)
  82. I’m Satisfied (Roy Orbison)
  83. I’m The Man On Susie’s Mind (Glenn Barber)
  84. I Remember When (Roy Orbison)
  85. I’ve Had My Moments (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  86. If You Can’t Say Something Nice (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  87. In Other Words (Roy Orbison)
  88. In Time (Roy Orbison)
  89. Inside My Heart (Dan Folger)
  90. It May Not Take Too Much
  91. It’s A Boy By George (Carmine Lombardo)
  92. It’s Lonely (Roy Orbison)
  93. It’s Really Goodbye (Don Gant)
  94. Jingle Jangle World of Love (Larry Parks)
  95. Jumpin Jack (Roy Orbison)
  96. Just One Time (Roy Orbison)
  97. Kiss of Love (Roy Orbison)
  98. Lago Azul (Roy Orbison, Gilbert Ronstadt)
  99. Lana (Roy Orbison)
  100. Last Love (Michael Heck)
  101. Laugh (Roy Orbison)
  102. Laugh of the Year (The)
  103. Lavender Lace (Roy Orbison)
  104. Lazy Moe (Roy Orbison)
  105. Leave The World Alone (Susie Melson)
  106. Let’s Go With the Feeling (Glenn Barber)
  107. Let’s Make A Memory (Roy Orbison)
  108. Like a Play (Luis Bacalov)
  1. Little Child (Bob Mongtomery)
  2. Little Lover (Roy Orbison)
  3. Loneliness (Roy Orbison)
  4. Lonely Heart (Roy Orbison)
  5. Lonely Place (Bob Montgomery)
  6. Long Time No Love (Roy Orbison)
  7. Lookin for Love (Roy Orbison)
  8. Lots of Luck (Roy Orbison)
  9. Love Me Like You Did It Last Night (Roy Orbison)
  10. Love Songs Just For You (Marsha Barber)
  11. Love Storm (Roy Orbison)
  12. Magic Fountain (Roy Orbison)
  13. Mama (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  14. Matchmaker (Roy Orbison)
  15. Memories of Maria (Roy Orbison)
  16. Memphis Memories (Ernie Ashworth)
  17. Michelle De Ann (Susie Melson)
  18. Million Tears Away (Bob Montgomery)
  19. Moonlight (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  20. Nach Hawaii Fahr Ich Nie Wieder (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  21. Never Say Goodbye Till We Meet Again (Bob Montgomery)
  22. Night Life (Roy Orbison)
  23. Nightfall
  24. No One Really Cares (Roy Orbison)
  25. No Time No Love (Roy Orbison)
  26. Oh God Not Us Girl (Glenn Barber, Jr.)
  27. Oh Yeah
  28. Okay (Roy Orbison)
  29. Once Again (Roy Orbison)
  30. Only The Lonely (Roy Orbison)
  31. Piangere (Roy Orbison)
  32. Pop Goes the Country Part I (Rory, Bourke, Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant, Kenneth Gist, John Hartford, Kris Kristofferson, Roy Orbison, Dolly Parton, Billy Sherrill, Norro Wilson)
  33. Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  34. Raindrops
  35. Rita (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  36. Rollin Stone (William Paul Rigsby)
  37. (Roy Orbison} Medley (Roy Orbison)
  38. Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms) (Don Gant)
  39. Running Scared (Roy Orbison)
  40. Sad Eyes (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  41. Saturday’s Heroes Are Gone (Glenn Barber, Glenn Barber, Jr.)
  42. She’s Love (Susie Melson)
  43. Shook Up (Roy Orbison)
  44. Show Me So (Roy Orbison)
  45. Side Show (Roy Orbison)
  46. Sonando Con Tu Amor (Che El, Roy Orbison)
  47. Sooner or Later (Roy Orbison)
  48. Spanish Nights (Roy Orbison)
  49. Speedy Gonzales Stole My Girl (Roy Orbison)
  50. Stay Away From Her (Dan Folger)
  51. Suddenly There’s Only You (Roy Orbison)
  52. Sugar Love (Roy Orbison)
  53. Summer Song (Roy Orbison)
  54. Sundown Stay Away (Roy Orbison)
  55. Sunset (Roy Orbison)
  56. Suzie (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  57. Sweet Cheatin Dreams of You (Glenn Barber)
  58. Sweet Daddy (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  59. Sweet Mama (Roy Orbison)
  60. Sweet Mama Blue (Roy Orbison)
  61. Sweet On My Mind (Glenn Barber)
  62. Sweet Paradise (Dan Folger)
  63. Take It Easy Love (Roy Orbison)
  64. Teach Me How To Love (Roy Orbison)
  65. Tell Her For Me (Dan Folger)
  66. That Look of Good Bye (Susie Melson)
  67. The Last Goodbye (Damien Leith)
  68. They Call You Gigolette (Roy Orbison)
  69. Thousand Times Yes (Roy Orbison}
  70. Til We Meet Again Never Say Goodbye (Roy Orbison)
  71. Time After Time (Roy Orbison)
  72. Time and Again (Roy Orbison)
  73. Too Bad (Roy Orbison)
  74. True Love Never Dies (Dan Folger)
  75. Try Me (Roy Orbison)
  76. Turn Some More Lights On (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  77. Two of Us (Roy Orbison)
  78. Unexpected Goodbye (Glenn Barber)
  79. Uptown (Roy Orbison)
  80. Va Dove Vuoi Francesco Califano, (Don Gant)
  81. Va Ou Tu Veux (Don Gant, Micheline Wraskoff)
  82. Valley of the Roses (Roy Orbison, Ray Rush)
  83. Velveteen Doll (Roy Orbison)
  84. Virgie (Glenn Barber)
  85. Wanted Man (rnie Ashworth)
  86. Way’s Of My Woman (Susie Melson)
  87. Wayward Girl (Dan Folger)
  88. We’ve Got Some Feeling To Do (Milton Blackford)
  89. Wedding Day (Roy Orbison)
  90. What Should I Do (Dan Folger)
  91. Where Do You Go When You Don’t Go With Me (Susie Melson)
  92. Why Don’t Ask Me Why (Billy Walker)
  93. Wichita Woman (Ernie Ashworth)
  94. Woman In This Song (A. L. Owens)
  95. World You Live In (Susie Melson)
  96. Yes (Roy Orbison)
  97. You Fool You (Roy Orbison)
  98. You Gotta Know What You Want (Roy Orbison)